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Bye-bye 200's Club!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

weight loss tracking
30 pounds lost in 12 weeks

Week #12, took my last shot of 5.0 on Monday. Today is Friday and I'm officially down 30 pounds!!! Bye-by 200's club. (It's been real, but I hope I never join you again.)

So far, I'm feeling great - no side effects this week AT ALL. I've been resting well, drinking LOTS of water, and walking a little while the weather was nice. Seriously enjoying a balmy 71 degrees in November is a rare occurrence in central Illinois!

The non-scale victories this week -

  1. We have a 2-story home with a VERY squeaky staircase step. It was great for listening to when teenagers arrived home late but personally felt defeated whenever I stepped on it. NOW, I can now descend it in "stealth mode" without even trying!

  2. I can comfortably cross my legs at the knees again while sitting — and my knee is below the table.

  3. When I sit in the car, I can see the edges of my seat

  4. As I stand up I can see more of my feet!

  5. I can wear jeggings in a size 10-12 without a muffin top! (Hey, I KNOW they are super stretchy but no muffin top means I can count this as a win!)

  6. I love how a standard bath towel now overlaps a bunch when I hop out of the shower. (No more breezes here!)

  7. I can RUN (not walk) up 24 steps at work (while talking, too) and not be out of breath at the top!

Mounjaro Refill Rollercoaster

I checked in with my doc this week on Monday and they are bumping me up to 7.5 to start next week. I ran into issues with getting it filled at HyVee. By Wednesday, I had not heard from them that is was ready for pickup. Usually it takes 24-hours to get it filled. So my yellow flag was up. I called to check status and they said they needed a diagnostic code to honor the coupon. Now, mind you, I've used this coupon 3 times at this location without any issues.

The pharmacist said they could not honor the coupon if I was not using it for diabetes and that they had put in a call to my doc's office to request a diagnostic code. So, I immediately called doc, where I was advised that doc was out of office and would be returning calls on Thursday. Afterwards I called a friend who is also on Mounjaro and said, brace yourself! THIS is what just happened.

I feel like a drug addict. I LOVE how Mounjaro has built some great momentum and I didn't want to lose it. It's a GOOD drug and it's doing GOOD things. Why do I have to be REALLY bad to stay on a drug that is working? Well, sweetheart, it was FDA approved for diabetes treatment NOT weight loss treatment. However, it IS being fast-tracked for that. How long will that take? Hmmm. Covid vaccines were fast-tracked too. How long did that take - a year? In any case, my friend with all her Tik-Tok wisdom said, "Have them call it in to a different pharmacy." So I did, and it worked! I gleefully drove home that day with my 7.5 doses from CVS!

Stocking Up

While I was talking to the pharmacist at CVS, I pulled out my coupon (which I hadn't looked at in 3 months) and noticed the little note at the bottom that said,"Pay as little as $25 for up to 12 pens of Mounjaro".

I've been paying $25 for 4 pens because we've been adjusting the dose every 4 weeks. WHOA! My mind started racing like a drug addict. How can I preserve my Mounjaro supply? Stock up sweetie!!! I asked the pharmacist,"Is it possible to have this script refilled for 90-days at $25?"

"Absolutely!" she said. "You just need the script written that way. This one you have is written for only a one-month supply."

I could hardly wait to see if this plan would work.

The next day I called doc and asked if I could stock up on Mounjaro at 7.5 for a few months just in case I run into any supply roadblocks. She was agreeable and sent the script over the same day to CVS. Moments later, I got a robocall from CVS that my special order medication starting with "M" was on special order and they would contact me when it was ready! Hallelujah! Crisis averted thru the holidays, too!

While some people are anxious to bump up to the higher doses, I did some research and I know that 7.5 is a "treatment dose" not a "loading dose". So I'm okay with staying on this for a while.

What a week! Looking forward to some travel next week—even if it means being away from these cuties. If you're looking for a Christmas puppy, checkout There are 3 girls left!

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