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No April Fool's Jokes Here - Zepbound Hits Formulary!

The wait is over! Zepbound finally hit my formulary today - THREE months after the FDA approved Tirzepatide (also known as Mounjaro) as a weightloss drug. This means that the drug I've been paying out of pocket for is now covered by my insurance. My cost with the manufacturer coupon was $600/mo and that is not sustainable long term. NOW it's closer to $60/mo and the coupon could reduce that to $25/mo. Fantastic news unless there are shortages. Availability right now is hampered by the manufacturing delays in the auto-injetor pens that the medication is put into.

Many people I know have opted for obtaining their meds through compounding pharmacies that are verified 503A or 503B by the FDA. That's an extra layer of protection for consumers. I did get a 1-month supply of compounded Tirzepatide from It was the least expensive option that utilized a vetted compounding pharmacy. Since I am in maintenance phase, I didn't see the need for the added services included with other tele-health companies like or If this medication is too expensive for you, I highly recommend going with a telehealth company and a vetted compounding pharmacy. They make it affordable and accessible despite shortages.

I was in the process of weaning off the medication very slowly. When I hit the 7.5mg dose and took it every other week, I started seeing gains instead of maintaining. That was frustrating to say the least. An affirmation that I may need to be on this medication long term. My clothes fit the same, but the scale doesn't lie.

Unfortunately, I was involved in a ski accident and had to stay off the meds a 3rd week to prepare for a surgery. If you didn't know, the delayed gastric emptying can cause problems with anesthesia. Soooo, all that to say I gained 10# in 3 weeks! The only thing that changed was no meds in my system and I was not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10# for 6 weeks so my weight training has come to an abrupt halt while my injury heals.

Returning to the 7.5 mg dose after surgery, I decided to take it weekly again to get back to my desired weight range. It only took a week, so I'm guessing it was a lot of water weight. As I return to titrating down, I am not as hopeful that I can go completely off the medication and maintain this weight. Time will tell...but at least it's covered now.

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