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Upgrade to a premium nap package with a hypoallergenic fluff-nugget!

Cavapoos — also known as Cavoodles — are a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Our mama and papa Cavapoos have the best genetics of both breeds — and we have the genetic reports to confirm this.


Our mama, Sunshine, is 12 pounds and about 12" tall. Our papa, Maximus is 7 pounds and 10" tall. Their coats are wavy,  cotton ball soft and human-like so they are hypoallergenic and barely shed. Mama Sunshine's fur is apricot-cream-white and Papa Maximus is red-with white abstract markings.

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 10.03.15 PM.png

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale

You'll find that Cavapoos are playful, super chill, and hate to be alone. They are playful, loyal, power-nappers who love to cuddle with their humans, play fetch, take you for walk around the block or go on an adventure. They are perfect for anyone needing emotional support, companionship, or a super snuggly family fur-baby. 

Lets hang out.png

Let's Hang Out!

Hooman Attraction.jpg

Hey everyone! I'm Sunshine, the cuddly fluff-nugget pictured above. My mama did a lot of research to find me. It took a few years of looking until she found a loving in-home breeder who was dedicated to building a solid new breed....not a puppy mill and not a careless backyard breeder. She waited...and waited...until my littermates and I were born. She verified my pawrents didn't have any genetic defects, had sound hearts, good teeth and bones and were AKC/CKC registered. That was almost 6 years ago. Mama even drove through a snowstorm to bring me home to my forever family in early January.

I have a great life! My hoomans take me for a walk every day, they take me camping, hiking, kayaking and play with me in the snow. In return, I cuddle them like no other before me. I sit with mom while she's working on her laptop and I'm super quiet while she's in zoom meetings. I watch football with Dad, and share his popcorn. I let the other furry hoomans know when their amazon packages arrive or the neighborhood kids hop off the school bus. It's a pretty sweet life. I'm not too old to learn new tricks as long as mini treats are involved. 

I had a BIG brother, a Labrador Retriever who showed me the ropes when I was a pup. He was a super mellow old man. Mom says I'm the favorite because I don't shed like he did — and I'm the perfect size to travel with out buying another ticket! 

After some coaching from Mama's sister who is an award-winning breeder of Boston Terriers, my mama decided to help me share the Cavapoo fluff-nugget love. She did a ton of research to find the perfect mate for me — Maximus — and he is one handsome dude! He also has a clean genetic background like his pawrents and is the a little smaller than me. It's an arranged sort of thing, but when you see how cute our pups are you will agree it was a match made in heaven!

We are SUPER excited to announce our litter is due in the middle of December 2023. If you would like to be considered for hooman family adoption or have any other questions, please contact us below and my mama will be in touch.

Meet The Pawrents


Mighty Maximus

Toy Poodle

Red/White Abstract

AKC #PR20277802

Birthday: 8-27-2017

Maximus' Sire is an 8-pound & 11" Tall AKC toy poodle with clear genetic tests and is OFA Heart Certified.

Toby's Dam is also an AKC Registered Toy Poodle with clear genetic tests and is OFA Heart Certified.

Diva Hair.HEIC

Little Miss Sunshine

F1 Cavapoo

Apricot/White Blenheim

CKC# R6M05498886

Birthday: 11-4-2018

Sunshine's Sire is a 10-pound

AKC registered apricot poodle with clear genetic tests. Her Dam is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, sired by a champion. She was OFA Heart certified. Eyes checked and good patellas and hips. 

Meet The Kids

Photos from our 2022 litter are below. 

The new kids on the block

These little fluff nuggets arrived December 12, 2023 and can go to their furever homes Valentines Day 2024!

What is included in puppy purchase

  • Parents Physically and Genetically health tested

  • Puppies have been raised in a home environment around all home noises so they can transition easily to any other home environment

  • Exposed to kids

  • Properly socialized in a family environment

  • Dew Claws Removed

  • Deworming Completed

  • First set of puppy shots

  • Heart-worm preventive sample for Spring 2023

  • Micro-chipped

  • Beginning Basic Commands

  • Beginning Kennel Training

  • Beginning House Breaking

  • Comprehensive Take Home Pack and Puppy Care Instructions

Check Availability Here!

Thanks! As soon as we have details on this litter we will reach out to you via email. Receipt is no guarantee of puppy adoption. Phone interview required.

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