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Mighty Mounjaro Journey

If you were expecting a graphic design blog on the latest design projects or insights on new trends, you are going to be sorely disappointed. This is my journal on a new weight loss drug that got FDA approval in April 2022.


I'm a (gulp) middle-age woman who has been on a LOT of diets over the years. Some healthier than others and some downright dangerous. That last wake up call made me a lot more wary of trying anything else. I learned to listen to my stomach, my body and now my heart when it comes to weight loss attempts.


I hit my all time high three years ago and I wasn't in a place to fight anymore. It hurt my hips and knees like no other just to clean the house - let alone exercise. Carrying the weight was SO unhealthy but for the moment I was able to keep the scale from increasing any MORE. Not something to be proud of, but in my world that was a positive to count.


Then my regular GP and I talked about Mounjaro and EVERYTHING is changing! This weight loss is such a GREAT feeling so I wanted to create a space to share the journey in a modest way. I hope it can be an encouragement to anyone reading this. And if you would rather see a vlog, pop over to my TikTok profile here.


I'm going to share not just the stages of the shot dosages and the side effects but also my food strategy and any exercise. That last part is nothing extraordinary. I have a sedentary profession, and right now my body can only tolerate a little walking but I'm hopeful that will change. Right now I feel like I'm reading a really good book and I can't wait to get to the end!

For those of you just getting started on this journey, there is hope. Talk to your doctor or reach out to tele-doc services like There are also pharmaceutical trials at Eli Lilly. Coming soon are the "triple-agonists" that are better than Mounjaro which is a dual agonist. 

To help people with the cost of this medication when not covered by insurance I have created the ONEderland foundation. You can read more about it at the bottom of this page.

Be inspired and come join me on this life changing ride!


Products featured in this blog are from Amazon partners who compensate me. This does not influence which products I write about or where the product appears on the page. I include and write about products that I have personal experience using and the compensation does not influence which products are featured.  These are my opinions and experience-so take it or leave it. My only partner is Amazon because it's easy and familiar - and the compensation is minimal.

ONEderland Foundation

Obesity is a disease, not a choice. There are medical conditions—that people don't even know they have—which make it impossible to lose weight. These conditions add to the gains well beyond what diet and exercise alone can fix. The trajectory includes co-morbidities and a shorter life span. I personally have insulin resistance and have been pre-diabetic for three years - that I know of. Most people don't even know they are insulin resistant or have a myriad of other metabolic conditions or diseases that affect weight gains and inhibit losses.

Finally there is hope! GLP-1 medications have been around for a while, but dual agonists like Mounjaro are new on the scene and have had results similar to gastric bypass—without the surgery. Unfortunately, it's very expensive and not usually covered by insurance without jumping through hoops to get prior authorizations if you are lucky. Understanding that research is expensive, I don't fault Eli Lilly. I do, however, have a bone to pick with insurance companies. This medication is no different than someone taking medication to correct high blood pressure. It's a condition that has a treatment and the insurance companies have become the gatekeepers instead of the doctors who prescribe it. Those who are affluent enough to afford it are privileged to have access.


The ONEderland Foundation is rooting for the people who are taking charge of their lives and have made the changes to lifestyle and eating habits—but still can't afford this extra tool in their toolbox to guarantee their success. The term "ONEderland" is a celebration milestone when a person on a weight loss journey reaches 199.9 pounds. For many who have hovered in the 200's on up, this milestone seemed like an insurmountable climb...until now.

Personally, I having been using Mounjaro - a dual-agonist - and experienced great success thanks to a manufacturer coupon which made it more affordable than any weight loss program I have tried in the past two decades. I am committed to paying it forward by helping those on the journey behind me. I am not independently wealthy...nor am I a great politician.  So, I am using my creative juices to create designs with the focus on celebrating the Onederland milestone and call attention to changing the narrative. Sales will help support the ONEderland Foundation's goal of assisting people with prescriptions expenses denied by insurance so they can live their best life.


Designs come in multiple colors and are inspired by conversations with my Mounjaro Community on Tik-Tok. New designs are added as I continue to be inspired by the successful weight loss journeys of my friends near and far.

Check out the store here to show your support or to celebrate a milestone.

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