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The idea that obesity is caused by insufficient willpower, lack of discipline, and bad choices is not true for everyone. Many individuals with obesity experience impaired metabolic pathways along with disordered signaling for hunger, satiety, and fullness. Two out of every 5 people in the USA are living with obesity, which is classified as a disease by the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association.   
Thankfully there are medications that address these issues.  The amazing GLP-1 class of medications have been around for a decade and bring hope and healing to those fighting obesity.  

Unfortunately, many people and physicians still subscribe to the diet and exercise weight management philosophy which doesn't acknowledge these broken pathways. Even more frustrating is that insurance coverage to support treatment with GLP-1 medications is limited to those with weight loss insurance coverage or those who are wealthy. It is a broken system that needs to be fixed to prevent those who fight obesity from a lifetime of co-morbidities and mental health brokenness.

The Onederland Foundation exists to:
  1. Celebrate reaching the ONEderland 199.9 pound milestone,
  2. Help change the narrative about obesity as a disease, and
  3. Ease the financial burden of expensive GLP-1 medications for those who do not have insurance support to treat their disease.
Ninety percent of profits from our shop and 100% of donations are distributed to individuals randomly drawn quarterly from our growing registration list below.

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Our Why

Our founder, Marjorie Kauth, has been battling obesity for over 30 years. She finally reached the ONEderland milestone and beyond with the help of Tirzepatide — a GLP-1 medication that treats her insulin resistance.

After losing 90 pounds, it is her desire to help others experience life-giving joy, confidence, and freedom from obesity.

The ONEderland Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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