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Week #7 on Mighty Mounjaro!

This is my 3rd week on 5mg dose and 'm down 26 total pounds!!! I've lost 13+ inches all over! Only down 1pound this week. However, I'm not entirely disappointed after a few cheats. I expected it to be worse.

The bad decisions...

First I went out to dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate the end of radiation for one of them. We've been hanging out and dong life together for about 6 years. We did a round of sharable appetizers and a mixed drink. I ate some stuffed mushrooms, which kinda count as a veggie (but not really) and some pot stickers, goat cheese artichoke dip and what not. It was good...until it wasn't.

Next, I did ZERO exercise this week. It's been rainy all week. Plus our fur-baby had her litter of pups this week, so we can't take her for the usual walk to prevent her from picking up any germs and passing those on to the pups.

I also tried creamer in my coffee again instead of the HMR vanilla shake mix - just to see if it was something I could go back to. I have a strong dislike for lumpy powdered creamers but it'll do in a pinch because i can't drink coffee black. The HMR powder mix becomes gooey blobs that are gross to swallow. REALLY not my jam. Well, the switch-a-roo back to creamer was a BAAAAAD idea. I'm not lactose intolerant, but the experience convinced me that dairy is not my friend while I'm on Mounjaro. In both instances, I got a little queezy. No cookie tossing, but definitely not ok. I grabbed some oyster crackers and ice cubes over the next few hours and all was well.

This past week I also decided to eat mini-portion of low-fat lasagna for dinner with the fam. Low fat cheese and low fat cottage cheese. Probably could have added some beans for healthy fililer instead of all the italian sausage. My portion shown below was about a third of a cup of lasagnaI and I was SO stuffed. Afterwards, that queasy feeling was up and running again. Could have been the meat or the dairy...but my bet is on the dairy. Here's the before and after plate>

In hindsight, creamer isn't a healthy thing to continue - maybe I'll look into oat milk or something. I just don't like the lumps in my coffee, and coffee is too hot to put in my blender to mix up the shake mix and coffee the best. I also should've eaten my regular meal or a hand full of veggies before going out so I wouldn't be as tempted by greasy dairy-laden nibbles. <<This strategy worked on Halloween - I ate a meal replacement bar early — and wasn't even tempted to snack on all the mini candy bars as I sat outside and held the candy bowl for several hours so the trick-or-treaters wouldn't upset our new mama with the doorbell. And I'll try to make healthier meat choices moving forward.

Symptoms this week

A little queasy with dairy and a little acid reflux later in the day—both of which can be attributed to an antibiotic I'm still on to fight an infection this week. Counteracted with Chewable Tums, oyster crackers and ice cubes.

Other stuff:

Because someone asked, here's the list of other supplements I'm using to give my body what it needs for optimal health while eating reduced calorie diet. There are links to amazon and in all honesty, there is a small kickback:

  1. Probiotic - Trying to remember to take the "Floragen" daily. It's in the fridge - so it's not in my pillbox and I forget to take it in the morning. When I DO remember to take it I don't get the acid reflux and I'm also not bloated. Hallelujah!

  2. Vitamins: Juice Plus - One veggie and fruit blend capsule daily. My kids took it to help with Attention Deficit while in college. I honestly forgot to cancel the auto-delivery so I've got a year supply of the stuff that will probably go bad, so I've added this to my routine.

  3. Bones - K-Force Vitamin K2 + Vitamin D once a week

  4. Hormones: Progesterone pill 3x/week and estrogen patch once a week.

  5. Heart - Lisinopril per docs orders

The highlight of the week...

Since my pants were falling off I decided I HAD to go shopping for some jeans. But, I didn't want to spend a lot on something I don't hope to wear for a long time. I'm frugal and I was looking for transitional clothes. I can't wear yoga pants to work, so plan B is some stretchy "jeggings" with jean-like material. Off to WalMart I went! I grabbed two sizes off the rack, and the smaller one fit—with NO muffin top! I was stunned to say the least when I looked at the size tag. Granted it's STRETCHY material and I know there is no possible way I could wear regular material in this size, but holy cow! IT was a size 10-12!

Now I honestly haven't worn anything smaller than a size 18 for over 3 years...and before that I wore a size 16 for wellllll FOR-EV-ER! Clearly my bootie shrunk a lot. I didn't take measurements on that before but I am keeping track NOW! I've lost a total of 13 recorded inches in 6.5 weeks on Mounjaro and I'm stunned. I'm not at the point that I will partially tuck in my shirts or anything yet. But I am hopeful I'll get there long before Spring at this rate. Losing too fast will make that skin hang all gross, so I'm okay with the slow down. Any progress is still progress!

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