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Week 17 Begins - Down 48# and 31"

Thanks for following this blog. I hope that my journey inspires you to start making changes to live your best life because this feels SOOOOo amazing and I want it for everyone I know and love and even strangers I meet.

The Prescription Update

This past 4 weeks, I was on the 10 mg shot. For the first time I experienced an injection site redness. Other than that, there were no major uncomfortable side effects. I'm going to stay on the 10mg this month as the appetite suppression was still working well on Sat. and Sun. When I talked with my doc's office about the refill, I inquired about whether or not they were aware of any issues with the coupons being honored. They suggested I switch to a local non-franchise pharmacy. We also discussed if the coupon does not work any more at some point we may switch to a compounding pharmacy where I'll be able to get the medication in a vial instead of an auto-injector at a more reasonable cash cost than the Mounjaro auto-injector. I'm okay with that because I can handle $400/mo for a few months...but $1200/mo is not acceptable.

We also discussed a process for appealing coverage with my insurance company. She built a case with two other patients and one got Mounjaro approved and the other didn't. Neither one was diabetic. At the moment, I am still taking high blood pressure meds - but she told me to cut my pills in half and send her my BP readings via the app for review. So, we are proceeding cautiously and I like that. My next check in with her is in April when we will re-do all my blood work and see how everything is looking.

What's on the menu these days?

This past month, I stopped using the HMR products for the most part. I still keep a couple of meal bars in my car just in case. I was just STUFFED after eating half a bar and could never finish my shakes. I reduced the shakes to a single envelope pouch and still couldn't quite stomach an entire serving. I was starting to get burned out on it, too. Probably because the weather finally turned cold here in the midwest and that is when I prefer more hot drinks. Besides the shakes were starting to taste too sweet. My tastebuds are definitely changing!

So, my meals now are just whatever I am fixing for my husband and the stray kid that pops up at dinner time. LOL! I do cook pretty healthy meals, but I've begun adding legumes to beef up the black beans in anything with ground beef and chick peas with chicken recipes. Have you ever tried black beans in lasagna? Since I'm eating smaller servings, I want to pack in as much protein as possible. One new thing I found that I really love is the "buddah bowl" from the freezer section at Target. It's not a place I shop often, but I went exploring one day and found this pretty yummy riced cauliflower with chickpeas, spinach and tahini sauce I think. Mmmmm! I could only eat half of the entree, so the rest I save for lunch another day.

The smashing holiday wins and losses.

Over the holidays, I escaped to Florida for a week before Christmas. I tried on my swimsuit before I packed my suitcase and it was sagging all over the place. Now, by this time of year there are NO swimsuits to be had in central Illinois, so my daughter recommended I hit up Target in Miami when we arrive. Let me just say that was such a great experience! I wasn't in the plus sizes any more! The store was very well stocked with a great selection of swimsuits...and I walked out with a modest "large" tankini top and some medium bottoms! That was fulfilling on so many levels! If only the weather had cooperated more. We had 70 degree days that were too cold to swim, but I did work on my tan lines a little and the hubs was thrilled:)

Sweets were really not on my radar. I wasn't interested in them, and I didn't bake anything this year. I went to a few parties, and I just snacked on the fresh veggies and a cracker or two. I really didn't feel like I was missing anything I just HAD to taste. There was zero interest in the food spread and more interest in the people I could visit with.

I also got lazy about water consumption so I'm working on that again. I also started going to the gym - a place I avoided for years - let's be honest, decades! I'm not as intimidated as I have been in the past because I look and feel so much more confident in my appearance. I started out with lifting - don't hold your breath - 10# weights to work on my upper body strength. I also kinda surprised myself by alternating 1/2 laps around the track with a walk or a jog. This body hasn't moved that fast in a while, but it felt good and I was not out of breath.

I got a new toy for Christmas - an apple watch! I've never had one before now and I'm a fan! I love how it connects to my airpods and has apps to check my heart in a couple different ways. That alone gives me a little measure of comfort. I have a bundle branch block - which basically means an electrical glitch in my heart that causes me to get light headed when I am stressed. It's currently a minor issue, but the watch gives me peace of mind to continue on this healthier activity path for the moment.

Until next time, live your best life because it's a gift from above.

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