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The Road Trip Plan

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Two days into my third week, my cousin (on the right) called and asked me if I could help her drive a sweet furbaby across the country over the weekend. Just the two of us and a super sweet chocolate lab she was going to foster for her sister until they figured out a better situation for my aunt.

I love to travel, by car, plane, boat, you name it. I love adventure and that is one of the things I hate about being “Large Marge” (Pee-wee Herman reference) Sitting in an airline seat is uncomfortable – and yes, I fly coach because I’d rather spend my dollars on the destination than getting there. Thankfully, I don’t have to wear a seatbelt extender, but I saw someone ask for one once and it was heartbreaking! Note to self – NEVER EVER get that heavy! Ha! Like I ever had control over that at the time!

Okay back to the trip. I was down 15#, and trying to plan ahead for meals so I’ll keep on track. I'm adding links here if you want to give any part of this strategy a try. I will get a small kickback for sending you to Amazon. Who doesn't these days - right? Personally, I'm combining the Mounjaro with this program because I wanted to maximize my efforts in a way that tastes good to me and doesn't make me feel funky like some others I've tried. I packed one carryon and was able to fit plenty of HMR peanut butter bars, some HMR chocolate pudding mixes and I’m bringing my baby Nija Blender (which chops ice better than any blender I have ever owned) with HMR vanilla packets and pudding mixes and a mini Tupperware container with PB2 powdered peanut butter. I love mixing the chocolate or vanilla HMR shake mix with a tablespoon of PB2, ice and water to make a thick and creamy peanut butter shake. All I really would need to find along the way is ice and or water or both.

I know I’m going to splurge on a fast food at some point along the way. The peanut butter and chocolate granola bars are quick, easy, and filling. I know I’ll be home before I need my next Mounjaro shot, so I didn't have to figure out a cooling strategy for that. I’m praying this nausea people are talking about on Tik-Tok doesn’t decide to suddenly start up during this trip. THAT would be not good! The only kink in my plan was that ninja blender. I think I've saiid it before, but I love cold things to drink. I used to be addicted to sugar-free sodas. I went cold turkey for years and started chewing gum and drinking water. It was good for me, but weight didn't change because of this good new habit. I tried to drink it again one time with pizza and it had been soooo long since I'd had a cola drink that it tasted like the small of cigarrette buts to me. It turned my stomach - eeeew - no thanks. It was a hard pass...until I discovered mountain dew was sugar-free, too...and I was addicted to that for a long time. Probably 6 cans a day on a work day and more on the weekend. Then gallstones reared their ugly head - and that was the end of sugar free mountain dew consumption for me. Back to water, I've been happy. Carbonation now messes with my herniated stomach, so it's never my drink of choice.

Bottom line the success I've been getting on combining the HMR products with Mounjaro is because I love COLD stuff in my mouth. They have other food entrees like mac-n-cheese that are yummy, too, when you want some warm comfort food this winter. But my go-to is the shakes. Mixing the shake mix with ice cubes and a little water or coffee, or adding a tablespoon of sugar-free pudding mix and fresh fruit changes it up enough so i don't get bored with the monotony like I did with Nutrisystem foods. I love the cheesecake mix with raspberries or blueberries. My go-to dessert so I don't feel like I'm missing out with holiday dinners will be the vanilla HMR shake mixed with a tablespoon of sugar-free white chocolate pudding mix and a few pumps of mint flavored skinny girl coffee syrup.

My cousin was flying me back home and I didn’t need anything but a carry-on for the trip so that little sharp blade was not going home with me. Thankfully I got the twin set on that blender so I had a backup at home that was taller. Plus, my cousin shipped it pretty quick and I got it two days later.

I did eat fast food – just once and honestly, barely half of a grilled chicken wrap from Arby’s and I was STUFFED to the gills! Plus, maybe one french fry — and that was enough. It really didn’t even look good. It didn’t taste bad or anything. I just mentally didn’t care for it all of a sudden. I have NO idea how that was triggered.

When we arrived, we ate fresh salads with all kinds of yummy goodness from my cousin’s garden with about 4 medium shrimp for dinner. It was my first time really eating regular food since starting Mounjaro. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to risk it, but I love a good salad!

The bonus – staying in the zone, I got home and weighed in at 18 pounds! OOOOh yeeeAH!!! It feels SO good. My favorite capris almost fell off when I popped my cell phone in my back pocket and walked a few steps. MMMMmmmm this feels good! I've been measuring inches all over, but apparently I forgot to measure my bootie! Because I didn't have any notable changes in my waist and hips or thighs.

Then came Nashville-the very next weekend. Our sister weekend away - a welcome distraction of sorts. My sister found a few lumps in her breast the week before and we made some memories to cherish while waiting for her results to come in.

That was two weeks ago. The news isn’t good, and it keeps getting worse. So, on a side note for all you ladies out there reading this. Go get the girls to mammogram central wherever you are – EVERY YEAR – WITHOUT FAIL. Use your tools, set an ANNUAL reminder to schedule that appointment! Cancer sucks. I’ve been the caregiver, I watched and supported friends on this rollercoaster. Breaks my heart EVERY D*** TIME!

While on the road to Nashville, I stopped for gas and bathroom breaks twice. On the first stop I was SUPER thirsty. I was tired of water and grabbed a diet peach tea. It was around 10 am and I wasn’t hungry. So, I continued on my way with a full tank and some good tunes. I’m getting better at listening to hunger pains instead of the clock.

On the second stop at 1pm, I grabbed an empty coffee cup and filled it with water and a little ice from the soda drink dispenser, mixed up some ice-cold chocolate pudding which I gobbled up in about 4 bites and I was back on the road. I didn't bring the blender on this trip...and it was okay.

In Nashville, we ate BBQ nachos while watching the dueling piano guys perform, and along Broadway, I decided to try vodka and cranberry juice instead of a glass of wine as my drink of choice for the night. Somewhere along the way I heard that vodka doesn’t have as many calories as wine…but I’m sure the cranberry juice made up for it…so it probably was about the same if not more calories. Three of those as we toured the bar scenes on Broadway and Printer’s Alley.

We walked a LOT. WAaaay more than I usually do…and uphill often! Strangely, I wasn’t out of breath as expected. The next day we went shopping at an old automobile factory turned shopping mall. Lots of walking there. My sis stopped at the only eatery on site to grab lunch and I contentedly ate one of the peanut butter bars I packed with two water bottles and I splurged one of her chips. Again, surprisingly, I knew I shouldn’t – it just takes one to backslide and I should avoid the temptation, but I didn’t this time. What kind of willpower DO I have—REALLY? I just wanted to see if I could let go after a taste. And you know what? It was ok, and it was enough. Odd…but in a good way.

After our shopping adventure we were both kinda tired. So, we opted for a nap before dinner. It was 3 o’clock. We had not decided if we would hit the nightlife downtown again with family in the area or stay local in the suburbia music/dinner scene. WELLLL, the two-hour nap turned into a long overdue, sleep deprivation reset from the solo 7-hour drive. We both woke up at 10PM!!!

So much for dinner! We decided to pop into Waffle House to have breakfast for dinner and call it a night before our long trip home the next day. Have you been to Waffle House? Ooooh, it’s bad…very BAAAAD! Soo many sweet breakfast options to avoid. Looking for protein options - I opted for a hash brown bowl with eggs and sausage, no cheese, and hold off on half the potatoes. In hindsight, I probably should have chosen the ham.

On the trip home, I mixed the chocolate HMR shake mix with my coffee from the hotel lobby and enjoyed that for the first hour of my trip home. One peanut butter bar later and a few water bottles and I was home…back to the safety of my yummy blender and all the cold yummy goodness I create from the shake mixes. My safe zone.

The good news – I lost TWO pounds on this 3-day/2-night trip. So, I’m learning that bottom line I can eat off the plan sometimes AND feel good AND keep losing.

The bonus - No headaches, no nausea, and best of all…I lost 3 more pounds when I got home! I’m beginning to wonder if the nausea is triggered by eating bad things we shouldn’t eat anyhow—or eating too much and not listening to our hunger pains.

I’ve had headaches on other diets and they were triggered by not enough food. For the moment, none of those are an issue and I’m only guessing why.

I’m good—VERY good! Thanks for following. Next entry - the app and vitamins!

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