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The Office Weight Loss Group

When we are all back working in the office, several of my co-workers were dieting with Optavia and experiencing great success. It’s expensive like Nutrisystem pretty much. $300+ each month. Hmmmm. Wellllll, OK, now I’ve got a team of people to diet with. Maybe this could work with an extra level of accountability.

My hormones still feel in check, so maybe I will find some success. I signed up, ordered my food and after 3 days I started feeling funky. I wasn’t hungry I just felt off. I stuck with it for a month, lost a couple of pounds — nothing to jump over the moon about—but the scale was moving and I wasn’t hungry all day. Unfortunately, the scale moved SUPER slow by comparison to the other programs I’d tried.

I ordered a 2nd month of supplies. Then I started to really feel a weird aura in my head every time I ate the soybean puffs with flavorings. By day 5 I started thinking this funky feeling cannot be okay. I checked in with everyone else on the program and nobody else was getting this feeling. It was like I was allergic to it in some way.

That hopeless feeling started to settle in! I stopped. Funky feeling went away. Two pounds I lost over the month came back like glue.

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