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Summer 2022 – The Checkup

Time for an annual doc check-up. I’m trying to stay on track with that. I’m 55. I really want to lose weight, I want to be proactive with my health. I don’t want to be out of breath walking up the stairs, I want to be comfortable in an airplane coach seat without a seatbelt extender. I’ve seen the devastation first-hand of co-morbidities with relatives and I don’t want to go there. I should be able to control this! I have the willpower, and a small appetite. I don’t fry foods or eat much red meat and rarely eat out. I just don’t exercise because it hurts…the hips, the knees, the boobs! And there is NOOOOO way I’m going to put on a bathing suit in public. NOT A CHANCE!

I visit with the nurse practitioner. And she says, let’s do a blood test today and check your levels. If you ARE diabetic then I have a medication that can help you lose weight and the insurance will cover it. If you’re not diabetic, then we’ll have to try something else.

So, you WANT me to be diabetic so my insurance will cover a weight loss medication. That’s insanity! I’d rather be prediabetic and moving the needle the other direction. If insurance doesn’t cover it then, I’ll use what I have in my flex plan and pay out of pocket. If there is something that works why hold it back until I’m a full on diabetic?

The results.

They call with the results. I’m insulin resistant, still in the pre-diabetic zone. So, no Wegovy. Would you like to try Mounjaro? I have no idea what that is? She explains that people have had great success with this weight loss drug. It’s new – just approved by the FDA in April. OK Hang on. Let me look into it and I’ll call you back.

What is this stuff?

Click, click, tap-tap-tap. C’mon professor Google! My eyes pop open. Seriously? It’s THAT good? Several compared it to a gastric sleeve! What are the side effects? Will I have to use it forever? Any kinds of withdrawl issues when you stop? Hmmmmm? Hmmmm. Hmmm!! Unlike other weight loss drugs, it blocks the release of insulin and slows down stomach digestion so you feel full longer.

Looks like a yellow light.

How expensive is this if insurance doesn’t cover it? $1200/mo. Seriously?!!! I can only afford 3 months of treatment out of pocket. Thankfully, in my searching, I found out about the manufacturer coupon - so it was only $25 until December 2023. That is SO do-able! GREEN LIGHT!!!

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