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No more hiding in the back!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

I don't remember having THIS much fun taking pictures at a group function before! A little non-scale victory (NSV) Honestly, I had not seen most of these friends in 32 years, so they never saw the obese version of me after childbirth...unless they found me on Facebook.🫣

I'm down 85# and my best friend said I looked like I was aging in reverse! 🤣

There are still wrinkles around the eyes forming - and I'm okay with that. We wouldn't want people to think my husband robbed the cradle!

The medical update: I've been on 15mg for 3 months now. The weight has been slower to drop off. I've added Lipo-C injections to break a 2-month stall. I was leveled out at 150-154 pounds. I'm 5'4" and 145 is low enough...because the size feels right. I'm really just going to concentrate on maintaining this size and building muscle. According to my InBody scan those efforts are working. What amazed me most about this scanner was how revealing it was about visceral fat...that's the fat around your organs. It's not something you can measure any other way. Seeing that drop significantly when inches around my body limbs wasn't changing was very eye opening!

I had a visit with my nurse practitioner last week, too. I went in for fasting labs prior to my appointment...and it was chock full of ALL GOOD things! I'm no longer pre-diabetic, my A1C is normal, cholesterol is great, too! Hallelujah! 🙌 No more co-morbidities in my life trajectory.

Moving forward, she has prescribed 15mg and we will see if I am maintaining or continue dropping. I'll be checking back in three months. At that point we may spread out the distance between doses or lower the dosage.

Creativity at work. In the meantime, I continue to spread the good news and hope that Mounjaro gives. There is never enough time or paper and a pen handy to share all the details - so I created a little square brochure of sorts that tells people all about it. It shares a brief message of hope while also letting recipients know I'm not a medical professional-just a regular person whose life was changed. There's also a link to this blog and my Tik-Tok QR code.

I keep a few tucked in my phone case so I can share them when the need arises. It's quick and easy. BTW if you are here because you got one of those from me - send me a message and let me know how you're doing. I'd love to be in your cheering section!

It is more challenging to get it these days than when I started. Until the FDA approves it specifically for weight loss people have to be diabetic to get it...supposedly. I honestly think it depends on your doc, your pharmacy, and your insurance coverage. Any combination can change your eligibility. Best advice - don't give up! There's a whole community of people on TikTok that are sharing wisdom to help. Make an account there if you don't have one and search for Nurse April or weight doc or just Mounjaro. You won't be disappointed -it is time well spent because you can learn from the experience of others.

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