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My Plan B…and C

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Maybe I won't need to stay on Mounjaro forever...but maybe I will. Chances are my insurance will not cover it or the tummy tuck I have needed for decades.

Not to worry, I'll absolutely start the prior authorization process with my doc. BUT just in case I've come up with a Plan C...and it definitely hopes to bless others on this journey besides me. It's how I'm wired.

I'm creating the ONEderland Foundation to help people with medical expenses not covered by insurance. Initially those whose PA's have been denied. Understanding down the road - after Medicare accepts Obesity as a treatable disease, other insurance companies will follow. Or they may classify them as a drug on the formulary that is approved only for people with weight-loss coverage. Whose employer covers that extra premium? Not many for sure! At some point, if coverage becomes easier, the foundation may shift and reach out to help people with other medical expenses.

In any case, the foundation will be funded by the sales of shirts that celebrate reaching the weightloss milestone of being under 200 pounds - ONEderland! This effort combines the joy I've experienced on this journey and my love of all things creative.

If you've been taking charge of your life and finally reached this milestone, take a look and celebrate YOU or gift it to someone you are cheering on this journey!

Check it out here:

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