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Mounjaro Journey Begins

The protocol begins with once-a-week injections of the “loading dose” 2.5 mg.

I gave myself the first shot on Sept. 19, 2022. I also am combining this with the HMR program because it’s easy and I love cold food.

On the start of the third week – I was down 13 pounds. I was not losing my breath when walking up two flights of stairs at work and my blood pressure was down quite a bit on week two when I had to see doc about an unrelated infection.

After 4 weeks I lost 14 pounds! Talk about encouraging progress! But honestly, in the back of my mind with my yo-yo experience I've come to know that first 10 pounds is all water. It always comes off easy at matter what diet. It builds momentum and then you plateau - for a while. I didn't want to get my hopes up. I was hopeful but not hope filled.

Thankfully, didn’t have any side effects, so doc approved moving up to the clinical 5mg dose.

My husband said he first noticed the weight loss in my face. I've been taking measurements and only saw an inch lost in my chest - sorry girls, you gotta go. This mama wants to see her feet standing up without a mirror.

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