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Holding Steady BUT Losing Inches!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It's week #14 - I'm holding steady at 199 (32 pounds down!) and have lost 3 more inches all over for a total of 20" off these dastardly curves! I got a new sweatshirt this week and it's a large size not 1x, not 2x and not 3x! SUUUUCH a good feeling!

I've been traveling a bit this week, and I ate out a little bit...but very little. I'm really not hungry almost ever...maybe about 4pm the hunger pangs really hit me and not hard. I've been drinking an HMR shake in my coffee in the morning and eating a meal bar for lunch, then dinner with the family at night. I no longer sip on a double or single shake mix all morning. Doing so gave me that "over full" feeling, so I discontinued it in favor of more water.

Eating Out

While traveling, my cousin took me to a wonderful Italian restaurant call the Tomato Brothers and it was SOOO good! But honestly after eating 1/2 the side salad and a breadstick, I could only eat 2 bites of the grilled chicken kabobs...I was STUFFED. mean REALLY stuffed! The good thing about this diet is that when we eat out, my husband loves nothing goes to waste.

The side effects

I haven't had any really bad side effects on 7.5 mg. This is week #2 on that dose. However, I did take a bite of a 1" cube of salted caramel candy and the 2nd bite to finish it off immediately gave me a weird vibe...maybe it is best described as an aura feeling that was not good. Almost a nauseous feeling but not quite. I immediately drank a glass of water and felt just fine. I won't be doing THAT again. Better habits coming up the pike. I won't bow down to peer pressure again...because I know how it makes me feel to eat the wrong things now. Feeling crappy is a good motivator I guess.

Before and NOW

I also wanted to share a moment. This is my staff photo from January 2021 followed by a photo from last week sitting in my car. I looked heavier than this when I started this Mounjaro journey just a few months ago.

A few years ago we were sorting through photos and my husband commented that we have no photos of me for a very long period of time. I admit I've been camera shy for a while. In this condition I would much rather be behind the lens than in front of the camera. I've been purposely hiding behind people in photos or cropping pictures from the shoulders up so you couldn't SEE how huge I was. I even went so far as to enable a review of photos when friends would tag me in group photos on facebook. Well, I think I'm ready to disable that function. I mean...look at this gorgeous lady!

My face - just WOW! Sadly, the girls are also shrinking as did my mid-section. Time to go bra shopping at the Black Friday sales! (May all things be proportionate:) I honestly can't remember the last time my torso was 36"....probably pre-kiddos!

The momentum of this weight loss has empowered me to mentally prepare to skip the goodies at Thanksgiving this year. I will be cooking up a storm with the family, but I'm going to be VERY selective about what lands on my plate.

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