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Happy Birthday to ME! Week #26

Best birthday present to me in 29 years! A new lease on life. A new body that is fun to dress up and shop for as well as a resurrected level of confidence that was buried underneath all those layers of insecurities that come as a byproduct of flab.

I've lost 68 pounds and am gleefully pouring myself into a stretchy pair of size 6 pants today. I'm sure that more structured ones are just around the corner. Progress is still slow and steady - about 1-2 pounds a week.

My heart continues to break though, as I meet people who are amazed at my body changes I start to share this JOY that bubbles up from inside. Usually these people - some friends, and some strangers - who are majorly struggling with weight. I want to tell them there are better tools for your weight loss journey NOW but unfortunately the grandfathered coupon I got from Eli Lilly only covers $500 of it and I know full well that the majority of insurance plans don't cover all. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It's not fair!!!! I want others to feel this joy. They deserve to live life on their own terms, not on the terms society and the insurance companies determine for them.

Years ago I attended a conference - a creative conference. Aside from inspiring us in skills for our craft, there were several examples of artists who used their creative juices to call attention to social injustices and made lasting impacts. We all walked away feeling empowered to evoke positive change. Yes, me? A little designer in the middle of Illinois cornfields could change the world through my skills. Preposterous!

Back then, my world revolved around deadlines and transporting my four kids to activities and school as well as running a moonlighting business and working full-time. My world was a little bubble. Not a lot of social injustices crossing my path. But I love business concept of Bombas and LifeWater...I just didn't see anything I could champion.

Well, that day has arrived! My friends, watch out for The ONEderland Foundation! More soon!

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