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Encouragement and Food Routines

A Weight Loss Partner

My neighbor is my accountability and walking partner when we can squeeze it into our schedules. I’m combining it with “HMR at home”…the hospital weight loss program. I’m not eating or drinking crap I shouldn’t, I’m getting good sleep and I’m drinking a ton of water. She's following an old diet too that she had leftovers from another unsuccessful diet attempt. Gotta use up what you have on hand!

My routine

I honestly wake up starving some days, but I’m up early and get right into the routine first thing. Coffee with HMR vanilla powder as a creamer – then take the dog for a 15 min. walk around the block.

I mix HMR 500 vanilla powder with my coffee in the morning and a bit of skinny girl coffee syrup for extra flavor...and to change it up a bit every day and break up the monotony…and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

The double-up

Before I leave for work, I started out blending up 2 packs of vanilla HMR 500 with ice and water and a few squirts of another flavor of sugar free coffee syrup and pour it into a lidded cup from my favorite beach vacation for inspiration. Or I mix up two packets of chocolate, ice and coffee and mint skinny girl syrup for a frappe. I sip on that for the first few hours of the day when temptations are rampant in the employee kitchen. After my 4th week, I reduced this to a single packet shake...and I feel full well into the afternoon.

Then I chug ice water in a giant yet ice cold water all day, mix up HMR 70 chocolate with water into a pudding consistency for lunch or an HMR peanut butter bar.

Break the monotony - mix it up

I can’t do carbonated drinks because of the herniated stomach, but you can blend the HMR vanilla shake powder with a diet soda (think diet orange or diet mt dew or diet cherry coke) and ice or try a tablespoon of PB2 a powdered peanut butter, or a tablespoon of sugar-free dry pudding mix flavors. My favorite is cheese cake flavored pudding mix and add a few fresh berries. Mmmm. So good. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything.

All afternoon I chug another yeti full of water.

When I get home, I take the dog for another 15 min walk. Sometimes I make dinner for the fam and sometimes they fend for themselves and I eat either a shake mixed with berries, water and ice or just eat the protein and veggies from dinner…a very small portion because I get full easy.

I chug more water and go for another lap around the block with my neighbor before bed.

That’s my diet…and I’m sticking to it!

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